What essential oils should I start with?

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If you have already browsed through our website as a curious prospective buyer or already bought any of our oils you might still wonder how the quirky characters are related to the properties of the oil. Moreover, you might sympathize with a particular description and believe that oil is fitting your personality like a glove while another one seems too masculine or feminine for your liking. How will you choose?

Let’s say, you have a warm, fuzzy, romantic personality and your partner is more assertive and calculated. Should you buy Rose for yourself and Black Pepper for him? Not necessarily:)

The reason why each essential oil is impersonated into a character is because we wanted to make them more fun and accessible to you, our audience. While the stories are a figment of imagination, the therapeutic properties are as real as they get. Based on those specific applications the personalities came to life.

Now that we cleared this aspect you can still buy Black Pepper and Rose. They make a great duo for increasing libido and fertility ;)

Again, back to your initial doubt: “What should I choose first?”. Let me tell you there is no perfect recipe. Couple of suggestions below:

Choose based on aroma

Some people start with versatile and popular oils like Lemon or Lavender while some are drawn to more exotic fragrances like Geranium or Patchouli.

However, if you can't decide still we advise you to choose aromas that your nose is accustomed to. Mostly these would be top notes and will bear a fresh, clean smell.

This will allow your body to get used to essential oils and expose yourself to a positive first experience. Once you become little more experienced and your nose more trained you can go to middle and base notes or flavours that your nose doesn't recognize that easily.

Choose based on clinical application

Some people pick entirely based on the issue they want to solve like muscle pain, sleeping issues and so on disregarding the aroma completely. This is a good alternative as well especially for skin application.

Choose based on versatility

There are oils that are more versatile than others and can be used for many use cases. Some examples are: Lavender, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lemon.

Choose based on intuition

It can happen that after checking the shop you are attracted to a particular oil. Maybe you liked the description, the character or simply felt like going with that one. Then go for it! Maybe you are told in a subtle way you need that particular plant:)

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