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Our story

We all have a story. Our stories are different, but the essence is the same. We are all human beings on this journey called Life and we are all seeking to live in the most beautiful way we can.

Who are you and what is your story? Take a couple of seconds to ponder, get a cup of lavender tea and meanwhile let me tell you mine.

My story on Mother Earth started 31 years ago in a small town in Romania, Europe. I would have never dreamt to travel the world back and forth and settle in India but here I am.

So again, who I am? I am Daniela, a curious soul, proud Romanian woman, Kashmiri looking girl (as people like to call me), happy wife, certified aromatherapist by Aromahead Institute in the US. If you allow me, I will also be your guide and friend on this aromatic journey.

I came to India out of love for my husband, Arun and found my second love: aromatherapy. Together we started “The Oil Stories” that was born as an extension of us: care for people, respect for nature and love for creative challenges.

“The Oil Stories” is the place where all the essential oils meet and come to life. You just need to keep an open mind.

You might wonder why each oil has a human character…well, it’s because apart from a bundle of chemical compounds that were scientifically proven to benefit us each oil also has energy, same as you and me. It bears the energy of the plant. Some plants soothe, other cool, while other warm up. Starting from these basic properties we came up with a big range of characters with diverse personalities: Some are quirky, over the top, vibrant, some are calm and rational…again just like you and me.

When you use essential oils for the first time you will see that they touch your body, heart and mind, this is how powerful and complete they are. Smell is actually the only of the 5 senses that impacts your brain subconsciously...more on this HERE.

Our Mission

While there is a plethora of essential oils being sold everywhere nowadays, there is a lot of misinformation and grey area around safety use. On top of that most are not sourced from organic sources, neither are they 100% pure.

It is our mission to debunk myths and shed light. We dedicated a lot of time to studying aromatherapy and everything about essential oils and took a vow to only share with you pure, unadulterated oils that we diligently test and share the results with you. The exact same oils that we use on ourselves and our family.

We also want to encourage domestic consumption and working with local distilleries that have many years of experience in this field and pride themselves with the quality of their oils and their work.

Part of our mission is also to create a community of beautiful, kind people that care about nature and empower each other. People who can learn and grow with us in this journey.

Are you ready to take the first step?

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