Sun exposure and essential oils

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Especially in warm climates sun exposure is quite frequent, that is why it is important to understand what essential oils are phototoxic and in which conditions.

As always, because we care about you, we have included all necessary cautions on the bottles, info cards inside the boxes and on our website. Please take the time to go through them. It’s for your own safety and wellbeing:)

So what does phototoxic mean in simple terms? Well, certain compounds from essential oils get activated by sunlight and cause inflammatory reactions like burns, rashes, edemas or redness. The substance that interacts with UV rays is called furanocoumarin and is only found in citruses that have been cold-pressed.

Lemon, bergamot, orange, grapefruit, lime are all phototoxic only if cold-pressed. However, sometimes we will find steam-distilled lemon or orange. Those are not at all phototoxic.

 In order not to have any worry just follow these 5 simple steps:

1. Avoid UV rays exposure of the area where the oil was applied for up to 12 hours (direct sun rays, tanning beds, UV lamps).

If for instance you applied some bergamot oil to your chest, and you decide to go outside there is nothing to worry since that area is covered by clothes. Just avoid applying to uncovered areas mostly. 

 2. If exposure is necessary, apply sunscreen with at least SPF 50

3. Even phototoxic oils have a max. dilution level that prevents them from doing any damage to the skin. If you consider this diution nothing bad can happen and you can still go out and enjoy your intake of vitamin D!

Max dilution level : Bergamot (0.4%), grapefruit (4%), lemon (2%), lime (0.7%), orange (1%)

 4. If unsure at the beginning better diffuse or use these oils in personal inhalers rather than apply topically. That will bear no risk at all.

 5. If you are fidgety and worried you won’t remember all this but still want to enjoy the refreshing lemony aroma then you can use Lemon’s fake brother, Lemongrass:)

I can imagine at the beginning the information is overwhelming and you have questions at every step. We are empathizing with that a lot, that is why we created this online community where you can ask any questions you might have, no matter how silly they seem.

 While other companies are preoccupied only with selling, we want to make sure you reap all the benefits of the oils in maximum safety, that is why you will find plenty of information and reminders. If you aren’t safe, then we will have failed as a company. And we do not want that, we want you to enjoy and be well.

Until next safe and enjoy the sun!

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