How do we blend essential oils?

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Let’s assume you bought some essential oils and now you are scratching your head on how to mix these

You should know that aromatherapists blend by chemical family and chemical components, however I do not want to complicate things for now and I must admit I like much more to blend by the following 3 perspectives as they are easier to grasp and more fun. Let’s begin:

1. Aroma

In aromatherapy as well as in perfumery the final fragrances usually have 3 notes: top, middle, and base. Of course, it is not always a rule, you can have 3 top notes or 2 middle notes and a base but usually the products made up from 3 notes are more complex and interesting. Usually the top note is the one that is immediately perceived and it evaporates the fastest, while the base note lasts longer and is more persistent. The alchemy of combining is actually the fun part.

2. Plant Part

Energetically and symbolically each plant part is supposed to have different therapeutic actions. If we blend based on plant part we deepen the positive effect of that essential oil. You will understand what I mean in a second:)

Let’s start with Seeds category. Logically, what are seeds for? They are the beginning of life in a plant, the “fetus” that is starting to grow, the symbol of a new life. Essential oils made of seeds support growth and new beginnings and can have regenerative energy.

Roots are next. The only one we are selling right now is Ginger but brace yourself as there are more to come:) The roots are grounding, they are the connection with Mother earth. They help the plant absorb water and nutrients. They are very dynamic in the sense that they spread, grow, create underground networks. Symbolically, the roots anchor and ground us, reconnecting us with our vital energy.

Woods are the oils that help us feel centered and balanced. The wood or bark is the one spreading the nutrients from the roots to the leaves and flowers. They are the conductors of life and look like the spine. No wonder most of the woodies are good for pain and muscles.  Sandalwood is just great!

Have you ever seen a tree producing resin? When it is cut it produces a healing balsam, same as our blood coagulates when we get a cut. Those oils are part of the Resins family.

When we travelled to Almora in Uttarakhand we had the chance to see pine trees cut across the trunk with recipients placed under to collect the resin. Cannot tell you how fascinated I was that I stuck my fingers everywhere and the resin didn’t leave my hands for the entire day. First, because it was sticky and second, because I was in love with the smell so didn’t want to wash it :)

The most popular resin is Frankincense (there are several types) and invites to reflection and meditation. Resins have always been used in a religious, spiritual context and symbolize respect, reverence; they are great to support us in difficult times and great at healing emotional wounds.

Leaves and Herbs are the green part of the plant like the leaves, stems, needles, twigs, grass. They allow the plant to breathe, and they do the same for us: when we have respiratory issues or anxiety they make breathing much easier.

Next are the Flowers, the most fragrant and colourful body parts. They attract insects for pollination. Likewise, the oils made of flowers attract self-love and connection with others. They make us feel attractive, supported, and full of life. They are the best for reproductive system, especially for women; likewise, they soothe the heart and mind and help nourish the skin. 

Finally, the Fruits! They are the most energetic and freshest of the entire oil bunch. The fruits are hydrating and cleansing. No wonder they have a positive effect on the liver. The essential oils made from fruits are rejuvenating and encourage creativity, self-expression, and help us "cleanse" stagnant energy.

3. Intuition

It is true that intuition needs to be let free to do its charms. For that you need to trust yourself. At the beginning maybe you are very scared and reluctant but the more you blend the more confident you become. There will be a point when you won’t be following our recipes but you will blend according to your feelings.

We won’t be sad, no worries. On the contrary, more than happy for you to experiment on your own!

Happy blending, you alchemists!

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